Sandstone Sealing in Sunshine Coast

Sandstone is a porous, sedimentary rock composed of sand-sized grains of minerals, primarily quartz and feldspar, held together by a matrix of finer particles and cementing materials. Sandstone sealing is the process of applying a protective coating to the surface of sandstone to prevent the penetration of water, oil, and other contaminants, which can cause damage, discolouration, and deterioration over time. Prestige Stone Restoration, a leading stone restoration company based in the Sunshine Coast region, offers professional sandstone sealing services to protect and enhance the natural beauty and durability of sandstone surfaces in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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Sandstone Sealing Specialists

Prestige Stone Restoration is a leading provider of high-quality sandstone sealing services in the Sunshine Coast region. With over 12 years of experience and more than 700 projects completed, our team of skilled professionals has the expertise to handle any sandstone sealing project, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial. We take pride in our work and use only the best sealers available in the market, ensuring long-lasting protection for your sandstone surfaces.

The sealer we use is a high-quality, penetrating sealer that is specifically designed for sandstone. It penetrates deep into the pores of the stone, creating an invisible barrier that protects against water, oil, and other contaminants. This sealer also allows the stone to breathe, preventing moisture buildup and minimising the risk of damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

At Prestige Stone Restoration, we have successfully sealed over 9,000 square metres of sandstone surfaces throughout the Sunshine Coast area. Our service areas include, but are not limited to, Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Caloundra, and the surrounding regions. We are fully accredited and insured, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that their sandstone surfaces are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Whether you need sandstone sealing for your home, business, or industrial property, Prestige Stone Restoration has the skills and expertise to get the job done right. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring that your sandstone surfaces are properly protected and maintained for years to come.

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What is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock composed of sand-sized grains of minerals, rock fragments, or organic material. It is formed through the process of sedimentation, where these particles are transported by water or wind and deposited in layers, which are then compacted and cemented together over time by the weight of overlying sediments and the precipitation of minerals from groundwater. Sandstone is found in a wide range of geological settings, including deserts, beaches, river channels, and marine environments, and is common in many parts of the world, including Australia, where it is a popular building and landscaping material.

Sandstone belongs to the family of sedimentary rocks, which also includes limestone, shale, and conglomerate. Its main characteristics include its granular texture, which ranges from fine to coarse depending on the size of the constituent grains, and its varying degrees of porosity and permeability, which are determined by the amount and type of cementing material present. Sandstone can also exhibit a wide range of colours, from white and grey to red, brown, and yellow, depending on the presence of impurities such as iron oxides and clay minerals.

One of the key attributes of sandstone is its durability and resistance to weathering, which makes it an ideal material for construction and landscaping applications. However, its porous nature also makes it susceptible to damage from water, oil, and other contaminants, which can penetrate the surface and cause discolouration, staining, and deterioration over time. To protect and preserve the natural beauty and integrity of sandstone surfaces, it is important to regularly clean, repair, and seal them using appropriate products and techniques, such as those offered by Prestige Stone Restoration in the Sunshine Coast region.

What Are the Common Applications of Sandstone?

Sandstone is a versatile material that finds numerous applications across various industries and settings. Its durability, natural beauty, and unique properties make it a popular choice for a wide range of projects. Below are some common applications of sandstone:

Building Facades: Sandstone is frequently used as a building material for exterior facades due to its durability, natural beauty, and ability to withstand weathering. Its resistance to wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations makes it an ideal choice for buildings in various climates.

Cladding: Sandstone cladding is applied to the exterior walls of buildings to provide insulation, protection, and aesthetic enhancement. It acts as a protective layer, shielding the underlying structure from the elements while adding visual appeal to the building's exterior.

Paving: Sandstone is commonly used for outdoor paving applications such as sidewalks, pathways, driveways, and patios due to its slip-resistant properties and natural appearance. Its textured surface provides traction, making it safer to walk on, even when wet.

Landscaping: Sandstone is utilised in landscaping projects for features such as retaining walls, garden borders, steps, benches, and decorative boulders, adding a rustic and natural element to outdoor spaces. Its earthy tones and organic textures blend seamlessly with plants and other landscaping elements.

Flooring: Sandstone flooring is popular in both residential and commercial settings, offering durability, resistance to wear and tear, and a unique aesthetic appeal. Its natural variations in colour and pattern create a one-of-a-kind look that adds character to any space.

Roofing: In certain architectural styles, sandstone tiles or slates are used as roofing materials, providing insulation and weather protection while adding character to buildings. Sandstone roofing is known for its longevity and resistance to weathering.

Monuments and Sculptures: Historically, sandstone has been used for carving monuments, statues, and sculptures due to its workability and ability to hold intricate details. Many famous monuments and works of art around the world are crafted from sandstone.

Interior Walls and Features: Sandstone can be employed for interior walls, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, and architectural features, adding warmth, texture, and visual interest to indoor spaces. Its natural beauty and versatility make it a popular choice for interior design projects.

Art and Craft: Sandstone is utilised by artists and craftsmen for various art and craft projects, including carvings, sculptures, and decorative items. Its softness and ease of shaping allow for intricate designs and unique creations.

Aquariums and Terrariums: Sandstone rocks and slabs are sometimes used in aquariums and terrariums as decorative elements or as substrates for aquatic and terrestrial habitats. They provide a natural look and can help create a suitable environment for plants and animals.

What Are the Benefits of Sealing Sandstone?

Sealing sandstone is an essential process that offers numerous benefits for maintaining the appearance, durability, and longevity of this popular natural stone. By applying a protective coating to the surface of sandstone, property owners can enjoy a range of advantages that help preserve the beauty and integrity of their investment.

Sealing sandstone offers several advantages, as listed below:

Stain Resistance: Sealing creates a protective barrier on the surface of the sandstone, preventing liquids such as water, oil, and other common household spills from penetrating the stone and causing stains. This is particularly important for porous sandstone varieties that are more susceptible to staining, as the sealer fills in the pores and prevents the absorption of liquids.

Ease of Cleaning: Sealed sandstone is easier to clean and maintain because the sealed surface repels dirt, grime, and other contaminants, making it less likely for them to become ingrained in the stone. This means that regular cleaning becomes more effective and requires less effort, as the sealed surface allows for quick and efficient removal of dirt and stains.

Enhanced Durability: Sealing strengthens the surface of sandstone, making it more resistant to scratching, chipping, and other forms of physical damage. This added layer of protection helps prolong the lifespan of the stone and maintain its appearance over time, especially in high-traffic areas where wear and tear are more prevalent.

Protection Against Weathering: Sealing helps protect sandstone from weathering and erosion caused by exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and other environmental elements. Sealed sandstone is less prone to fading, discolouration, and surface degradation, ensuring that the stone maintains its original beauty and integrity despite exposure to the elements.

Reduced Efflorescence: Efflorescence is a common issue with sandstone, where mineral salts migrate to the surface of the stone, leaving behind unsightly white deposits. Sealing minimises the occurrence of efflorescence by preventing moisture from penetrating the stone and dissolving these mineral salts, thereby reducing the likelihood of this unsightly problem.

Mould and Mildew Prevention: Sealing creates a moisture barrier that inhibits the growth of mould, mildew, and algae on the surface of sandstone, particularly in damp or humid environments. By preventing water from penetrating the stone, sealing helps keep sandstone surfaces clean and free of microbial growth, which can be unsightly and potentially harmful to health.

Preservation of Natural Colour: Sandstone is known for its unique and beautiful natural colouring, which can fade or become discoloured over time due to exposure to sunlight and environmental elements. Sealing helps to retain the natural colour and texture of sandstone by preventing fading and discolouration, ensuring that the stone maintains its original beauty and character for longer periods.

Easier Maintenance: Sealed sandstone requires less frequent cleaning and maintenance, as the sealed surface helps repel dirt and stains, reducing the need for intensive cleaning and restoration efforts. This means that regular maintenance becomes more manageable and less time-consuming, allowing property owners to enjoy their sandstone surfaces with minimal upkeep.

Other Services We Offer for Sandstone

In addition to our professional sandstone sealing services, Prestige Stone Restoration offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help maintain the beauty, durability, and longevity of your sandstone surfaces. Here are other services related to the care and maintenance of sandstone that we offer:


Prestige Stone Restoration provides expert sandstone polishing services to restore the lustre and shine of your sandstone surfaces. Our skilled technicians use specialised equipment and techniques to carefully polish the stone, removing surface imperfections and revealing its natural beauty. Polishing not only enhances the appearance of sandstone but also helps to protect it from future wear and tear.


Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the appearance and integrity of sandstone surfaces. Prestige Stone Restoration offers professional sandstone cleaning services that effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains from the stone. Our team uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your sandstone is thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage to the surface.


Sandstone grinding is a process that removes surface imperfections, such as scratches, chips, and uneven areas, to create a smooth and uniform surface. Prestige Stone Restoration's sandstone grinding services utilise advanced machinery and expertise to restore damaged or worn sandstone surfaces to their original condition. Grinding can also help to prepare the stone for sealing or other treatments.


Over time, sandstone surfaces may develop cracks, chips, or other forms of damage that require repair. Prestige Stone Restoration offers professional sandstone repair services to address these issues and restore the structural integrity of the stone. Our skilled technicians use specialised techniques and materials to fill cracks, replace damaged sections, and ensure that the repaired area blends seamlessly with the surrounding stone.


Regular maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and durability of sandstone surfaces. Prestige Stone Restoration offers comprehensive sandstone maintenance services that include cleaning, sealing, and repairs as needed. Our maintenance programs are tailored to the specific needs of your sandstone surfaces, taking into account factors such as location, traffic, and environmental conditions.

Epoxy Coatings

In some cases, sandstone surfaces may benefit from the application of epoxy coatings. Prestige Stone Restoration offers epoxy coating services that provide an extra layer of protection and durability to sandstone surfaces. Epoxy coatings are particularly useful in high-traffic areas or areas exposed to harsh chemicals or abrasion. Our team can assess your sandstone surfaces and recommend the most suitable epoxy coating solution for your needs.

Sealing of Other Surface Types That We Offer

Prestige Stone Restoration offers a range of sealing services tailored to various types of surface. Our expertise extends beyond sandstone, allowing us to provide comprehensive sealing solutions for a variety of natural stone and man-made surfaces. Each material has its unique characteristics and requirements, and our team is well-equipped to address these specific needs.

Limestone Sealing

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate. Prestige Stone Restoration provides specialised limestone sealing services that protect this porous stone from staining, etching, and weathering. Our sealing process helps to maintain the natural beauty and durability of limestone surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Marble Sealing

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Prestige Stone Restoration offers professional marble sealing services that help to prevent staining, etching, and scratching of this elegant stone. Our sealing process enhances the natural lustre and veining of marble while providing long-lasting protection against wear and tear.

Bluestone Sealing

Bluestone is a type of sandstone or limestone that is known for its distinctive blue-grey colour and durability. Prestige Stone Restoration provides expert bluestone sealing services that help to preserve the stone's natural beauty and resistance to weathering. Our sealing process protects bluestone from staining, fading, and surface deterioration, ensuring its longevity in both interior and exterior applications.

Travertine Sealing

Travertine is a form of limestone that is deposited by mineral springs, particularly hot springs. Prestige Stone Restoration offers specialized travertine sealing services that help to fill the stone's natural pores and cavities, creating a smoother, more uniform surface. Our sealing process also protects travertine from staining, etching, and wear, maintaining its distinctive character and beauty.

Granite Sealing

Granite is an igneous rock composed of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals, known for its hardness and durability. While granite is less porous than other natural stones, Prestige Stone Restoration still recommends professional sealing to protect against staining and enhance the stone's natural lustre. Our granite sealing services help to maintain the stone's inherent beauty and resistance to wear and tear.

Terrazzo Sealing

Terrazzo is a composite material made by combining chips of marble, quartz, granite, or other suitable materials with a cement or epoxy binder. Prestige Stone Restoration provides expert terrazzo sealing services that protect this unique surface from staining, etching, and surface damage. Our sealing process also helps to enhance the vibrancy and lustre of terrazzo's distinctive pattern and colouring.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete is a versatile man-made material composed of cement, aggregate, and water. Prestige Stone Restoration offers professional concrete sealing services that help to protect this porous surface from staining, dusting, and weathering. Our sealing process also enhances the appearance of concrete, providing a glossy or matte finish depending on the client's preference.

Basalt Sealing

Basalt is a fine-grained igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava at or near the Earth's surface. Prestige Stone Restoration provides specialized basalt sealing services that help to protect this dense stone from staining and surface damage. Our sealing process also enhances the natural colour and texture of basalt, highlighting its unique volcanic character.

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