Natural stone restoration Services

Building materials can show signs of wear and tear with age. If your stone surfaces crack, dull, discolour, chip, or lose their original lustre, you may need the best marble restoration services.

Prestige Stone offers professional natural stone restoration services. We have the expertise to restore the stones to their former glory. Whether residential or commercial, small or big, we are ready to make your benchtops, floors, bathrooms, and other tiled surfaces and areas look elegant.

Stone Surfaces We Restore

Prestige Stone offers the best natural stones restoration services across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We use our skills and equipment to restore various types of natural stone including:

  • Marble restoration: Marble walls and floors are hallmarks of luxury. These spots can have cracks, discolourations, etc. Best marble restoration services can ensure they keep their shimmery look that makes most places elegant.
  • Granite restoration: Granite is an excellent material for your kitchen and bathrooms because of its shine, beauty, and durability. The constant traffic in these areas can take a toll on it. Professional restoration can ensure it remains elegant.
  • Limestone restoration: This process can be challenging, particularly if the stones have severe stains or damage. However, professional restoration services can make it straightforward.
  • Sandstone restoration: While sandstone is durable, it is porous. Proper restoration and care can make it last for long.
  • Travertine restoration: Your travertine can become dull-looking, dirty, etched, scratched, chipped, or cracked with use and time. Professional restoration can restore it, making it look better and brand new again.

We can restore these natural stones in your stone benchtops, floors, showers, or bathrooms. Our team can handle cracks, chips, stains, holes, dirt, uneven surfaces, etc.

Do You Need Natural Stone Restoration Services?

If you are searching for 'stone restoration services near me', you may know you need natural stone restoration services. However, these factors can help you know whether you need them if you aren't sure.

  • Type of stone: Stones, such as limestone, marble, and travertine, are acid sensitive. You may need to restore them if things that can etch these stones pour on them in your premises.
  • Stone maintenance: Your natural stones can look elegant for a long period if you clean them with neutral cleaners. Harsher chemicals can damage the finish of various stones quickly. Therefore, you may need stone restoration services to ensure they look elegant after using these cleaners.
  • Other visible signs: You may need stone restoration services if you notice cracks, chips, discolourations, etc.

What To Expect During Natural Stone Restoration Process

The professional restoration team will visit and inspect your premises before taking the job. This move allows them to negotiate the exact price, identify the equipment they'll need, and schedule the restoration. Generally, the restoration crew grind, seal and polish the surfaces to restore the natural stones.

How To Care for Natural Stones

You can reduce the restoration services you'll need if you take care of your natural stones. This approach also ensures the stones look elegant for long. Taking care of the natural stones reduces their likelihood of experiencing unnecessary wear and tear, which increases the intervals between restorations.

You may take care of your natural stone surfaces by:

  • Wipe any spills immediately. The stone can absorb any moisture and become weak if you don't wipe it up quickly.
  • Avoid anything that can dent, crack, and gouge the surface. For example, move furniture with moving aids and material beneath them to avoid direct contact with stone surfaces.
  • Clean the stone surfaces with neutral cleaners.

You'll need natural stone restoration services sooner if you don't adopt these maintenance measures.

Why Choose Us

Choose Prestige Stone for your natural stone restoration services for these reasons:

  • We have 12 years of experience offering stone restoration services.
  • Our qualified professionals can work on various stones.
  • We have the essential licenses and insurance covers.
  • You'll get upfront and competitive prices.
  • We can handle any project — big or small, commercial or residential, etc.
  • You'll enjoy prompt and reliable natural stone restoration services.
  • We leave no mess or dust after the natural stone restoration project.
  • Our teams work with the latest solutions and technologies to offer the best marble restoration services.
  • We can schedule the restoration for the most convenient period for you.
  • We've completed over 700 jobs to our clients' satisfaction.
  • You'll work with a reputable natural stone restoration company.

Contact us today to discover more about our natural stone restoration services across the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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