Granite Stone Sealing Services

Sealing your granite is essential to protect it and allow it to last. Before you seal your granite, you do have a few sealing options and steps that you need to keep in mind. 

Best Granite Sealer Looks

There are several granite sealer looks that are quite popular and will boost the overall look of your granite. 

  • Grout Colour Sealing
  • Colour Enhancing
  • Natural
  • Topical

Grout Colour Sealer

One of the biggest concerns that customers have with granite is the grout colour. In its natural state, grout can start to look less appealing over time, capturing dirt and particles from the environment. With a colour sealing in the grout, you can look past the mess and aggravation of trying to keep it clean and seal the area with a colour preference. During the grout colour sealing, the grout is bonded so that it is stain resistant, keeping it looking neat and tidy all the time. 

Colour Enhancing Sealer

Without a colour enhancement, the colour of your granite will start to fade due to stains, dirt, dust, and other effects on the environment. With a colour enhancing seal, you get the wet look appearance of the granite without the unnecessary shine. All this sealer does is bring more colour from the granite up so that it maintains a natural wet finish. 

Natural Sealer

You can protect your granite and still maintain its natural appearance with the natural sealer. With this type of process, nothing on the surface of your granite will change in appearance while also being able to protect the granite from oil and water. 

Topical Sealer

If you do want a small amount of shine and give your granite a clear coat of protective layer, then the topic sealer may be for you. Keep in mind that it is not for all granite pieces, but is good against protection from oil, water, and any chemical spills that may fall on the granite. 

Steps to Follow Before Granite Sealer

While you may be ready to seal the granite, there are a few steps to follow before granite sealer that you need to do before you can actually conclude the sailing process. 

Check the Current Seal

If you have a granite piece that has already been sealed and you think it is time, conduct a test of the granite's integrity to see if the seal is still working or needs to be reapplied. With a small amount of water, you can use water to sit and see if it penetrates the seal after a half hour. 

Prepare Your Granite

Once you have determined you need a reseal, or you have a new piece of granite, it needs to be clean. Once it is sealed, any dirt or debris will be sealed with granite. By using a granite cleaner, you prevent damage to your granite and the integrity of the seal that is going to be placed. Common household cleaners will leave a finish on the granite that will adversely affect the seal that you have chosen. 

Once you have cleaned the granite, you need to make a decision on which seal you plan to use and apply to your granite. Based on the type of granite you have, you may only be able to select certain seals. 

Applying the Sealer

When you start to apply the sealer, it needs to be done evenly over the granite. You also do not want to drench your countertops in it but apply it like you are dampening the area. Use a lint-free cloth to go ahead and start working the sealer into the granite. You can repeat this process several times to maximize the protection of your granite. Before each application, however, make sure the previous layer of the seal has dried. This usually takes around 20 minutes to dry thoroughly. 

Polish Your Seal

Once you have finished with the seal, you want to go over it with a polish. This will allow the seal to be reinforced in the granite while bringing forth the beauty of the granite. You want to wait 24 hours after you have applied the last seal to use the polish. 

Do You Need A New Seal On Your Granite? 

At Prestige Stone, we offer a variety of granite seal options to fit your needs and preferences. We follow the necessary steps to follow before granite sealer and can even polish your stone for you for the best look. Contact us today for a consultation or get further information about our services. We look forward to working with you soon. 

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