Best Granite Polishing in Brisbane Australia

Best Granite Polishing in Brisbane, Australia

Granite is among the best materials for countertops, floors, and wall tiles in many modern houses. The composition of granite depends on where it was formed and the period taken to cool. It comes in different colors and sizes, unique to the formation process. Over time, granite may stretch and develop stains that need professional granite polishing service providers to restore the natural beauty and shine of the natural product.

The reasons why granite is used for countertops include:

Durability and toughness

Granite products last long, and when properly installed, they can last as long as you want unless you would like to change the countertops to a different material. It resists damage from cracking, scratching, and chipping. Due to its toughness, granite is resistant to heat.

Natural beautiful look

Granite has a distinctive natural beautiful appearance that makes it preferred by many residential and commercial contractors. The natural stone is naturally appealing to many people with a smooth texture that is not present in other countertop materials.

Easy Maintenance

Proper installation and sealing of granite counters is ideal for a long life and prevents staining and bacteria. With proper installation, granite countertops are easy to maintain and need only soap and water. It can take a minimum of 3min to clean your countertop with the required components.

Lifelong Investment

Once your granite countertop is properly installed, there is no need for replacement. It is a cost-effective solution for many homeowners considering long-term investment options. Granite products only need proper maintenance, such as professional granite polishing service from time to time.

Increases the value of property

If used for residential property, granite products make your home more valuable and attract more buyers when the property is for sale. It guarantees a high return on investment and boosts the market value of your property.

What is done during granite polishing?

There are several stages of granite polishing, and the first one occurs before the stone leaves the mining area. The stone is extracted from the ground in large blocks that are later cut into slabs that go through polishing. The professional granite polishing service and levels may vary between quarries.

The next stage of polishing takes place at the fabrication outlets. Polishing at this stage is meant to achieve the same level of shine. It is done by the use of a wet polishing technique under a constant flow of water. Fine pads are introduced to the rough and dull edges, making them smooth and attractive.

The best granite polishing services in Australia ensure that your granite products are well protected and recommend preventive measures to help in the maintenance and minimize any future problems. It is commendable to seal your countertops to prevent staining. With continued use, however, you may notice that some parts of the surface have scratches. Soap scums and strong acids are the leading causes of stains.

Granite Polishing Process

Once you notice the need to polish your granite products, it is commendable to acquire professional services to determine the extent of damage and the need for repair. Damages to the top layers of granite are treated with common remedies, but serious damages require the expertise of polishing experts.

Light repair services need a polishing powder that is easily applied and does not require any specialized tools. It can be wet or dry and used to treat stains, etching, and surface scratches. Regardless of the polishing powder, it is commendable to follow the manufacturer's instructions before use.

Granite polishing gold costs depend on the size of the surface to be polished. The product removes stains and cleans all over your home. It removes mold, dirt, mildew, and other build-up grout, leaving a subtle, pleasant scent and restoring granite's original color. It quickly enhances the original shine and luster of granite surfaces that offer protection against spots. The polish also helps to prevent scum that makes the surfaces appear dull and unattractive. Granite polishing gold is safe on food preparation surfaces and reinforces the protective seal on natural stones.

There are different types of granite, and some crack easily while others hardly react to substances such as strong acids. Signs of etching mean that you should protect the surface from acids found in tomatoes, lemon juice, and some detergents. The seal is meant to make granite less absorbent and reduces the effect of chemical damage to your granite surface.

Regular cleaning of the granite surfaces is commendable for maintenance. It is advisable to wipe spills as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining. You should use a sufficient amount of water and avoid flooding the surface when cleaning. The surface should remain dry as water only affects it when it soaks into granite.

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